About Us

Our History

Our business was founded in 2013 by brothers Mike and Darek Goraj, who have more than 15 years of experience in the construction and building improvement industries. The Goraj brothers first started getting a feel for construction work while still in high school, helping their father with his construction business. Bullseye Siding is a culmination of their earned experience, providing them opportunities to share their home improvement expertise with others.

Our Work

As contractors, we provide installation and replacement services for all types of windows, doors, and siding. Our offerings are not just for homeowners looking to do a little home improvement, but also for complete energy efficiency of your home.
There is always more to every improvement project. Customers would say that they need new windows, doors, and/or siding, but what they really need are solutions for energy efficiency, better protection against the weather, and quick fixes that add value to their properties, among many other things. We take our time listening to what our customers want, and endeavor to meet them all.

Our Location

Bullseye Siding LLC is based in Flemington, NJ. While we primarily serve customers nearest to us, our services are available to homeowners within the New Jersey region. We are a local business that intimately understands the needs of our neighboring customers, and we know which building materials are best for the area’s weather.

Our Mission

We make every effort to ensure that each customer gets the best of everything—the best materials, the best services, and the best value for their money. Quality is the name of our game, and we believe that quality is always better than quantity. If our customers want something done, we do not just follow it to the letter, —we go above and beyond expectations. Why settle for good enough when you can make it better than ever? Do not just hit the target of your project, go for the bull’s eye with Bullseye Siding LLC.

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